• We are a rural naturist/nudist space; everyone must be nude in the pool or pool area.
  • Conduct is excepted to be appropriate for a family setting. Intimate public contact, sexually provocative or suggestive behaviour and overt sexuality are prohibited and will result in expulsion from the grounds.
  • Alcoholic beverage is permitted in moderation; intoxication, obnoxious behaviour, and abusive or vulgar language will not be tolerated.
  • All illegal substances are prohibited.
  • Loud voices or perturbing noise is prohibited.
  • For your protection and that of others always use a personal towel to sit or lie on.
  • Devices which allow filming or photography are prohibited. Photography for special events must be approved by LimaNature ahead of time.
  • No food or beverage allowed in the pool area; drinking water in plastic containers is permitted.
  • Smokers must use an ashtray at all times.
  • Quiet hours are 11 pm to 7 am, with the exception of special events with the permission of LimaNature.
  • Please clean up any rubbish you create; bins are scattered around the area.
  • Please call in advance of your visit.


The benefits of naturism are diverse, we are faced with a practice that demands contact with nature and nudity. These circumstances help in mental, physical, spiritual and social well-being.
In the point of view of mental well-being, nudity is essential for the acceptance of one’s own body, a satisfaction of accepting ourselves as we are and feeling good with ourselves, which increases self-esteem and self-confidence.
In the physical point of view, the naturist loves his body and so he also loves to take care of himself, which requires healthy eating and an environmental awareness in his habits. We also care about the importance of physical exercise and its realization abroad if possible. In the spiritual point of view, the naturist accepts Nature as a divine force that relaxes and heals, this spiritual connection leads us to try to live a quiet, healthy and harmonious life.
Lastly, from the social point of view, nudity helps to interact with other people in our pure state without masks, labels or other kind of appearance. A world where we are all the same.

There is not a big difference between a nudist and a naturist; in fact these two terms come from different parts of the world with different looks. It can be said that the nudist is one who only likes to go to beaches or nudist places and does not care much about the philosophy, as opposed to the naturist who sees this practice as a philosophy of life and cares about the environment around.

Social nudity refers to being naked in the presence of other people and naked recreation is the performance of different activities together with other naturist people.

es, Social Naturism is legal, according to Law no. 29/94 of August 29, it is quoted in the following Articles:

“Article 2
The Naturism
“Naturally, for the purposes of this law, all outdoor life practices in which nudism is used as a form of development of the physical and mental health of the citizens, through their full integration into Nature, is hereby understood.”

Article 3
The practice of naturism
The practice of naturism is permitted under the terms of the present law, provided it is not accompanied by attitudes likely to cause scandal. “

For more information see:

Contrary to what many people may think, nudity does not have to be sexual, nakedness is just a natural way of being and living in harmony with the environment around, with respect and acceptance for ourselves and others. Any sexual act or intention will be repressed.

The only difference is that the club is a private space and the beach is a public space, in the intent there is a set of rules to follow, present in the next question.

In Portugal there is a Naturist Ethic, which you can find in the following link :
In resume, all we ask for is to follow the rules we have, to live nude when the weather permits, to have great respect for the individual, to be calm and enjoy tranquillity, to have respect for the environment and to bring with you a bath towel to sit on.

LimaNature is a space for naturists where nudity is optional, with the exception of the pool area where nudity is mandatory.

According to the rules, the pool area is mandatory nudity, but in the case of children or teenagers an exception is made.

Yes, we do accept pets as long as we are informed in advance.

The closest tolerated naturist beach is Estela beach, 38km away. There is also in the neighboring country, the Playa de Barra, one of the most beautiful naturist beaches we know, is 120km away.

The nearest supermarket is 5km away, in the village of Santa Maria, in case of doubt we will give directions when necessary.

The nearest ATM is 5km away, in the village of Santa Maria, in case of doubt we will give directions when necessary.

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LimaNature is in a small village where access can be limited; from the beginning we advise the rental of a car for greater freedom and for better use of the area. If you do not have the opportunity to rent a car, it will not be a problem, just contact us so we can find the best way to get you to us.

For more information do not hesitate to contact