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Who We Are

We are a family of naturists consisting of three members, Father, son and daughter. Father, Manuel, let's say he is the seed of the whole project, a lover of nature who took refuge in the work of a gardener as a way to find peace and tranquillity. Manuel acquired the land more than 27 years, a land where only an old house in ruins and annexes, dated of the year 1937. The ground mostly was constituted by rocks and little earth was visible, so for that to be possible it needed to be done a lot of work, labour, and with a lot of effort and dedication, LimaNature is today what it is, a beautiful and wonderful space all landscaped and decorated with more than 100 species of plants.

Adriano and Iria are the children, both grew up in this small village, surrounded by nature and a rural lifestyle. Naturism was never anything new, from a very young age they were confronted with their father's naturist lifestyle, when children attended textile beaches, but over time the curiosity of being naturists began to develop and around 17 and 18 years of age, the two decided to try naturism and the two became adepts, the common history of all naturists, just attending once a beach or naturist place, that will never return to a textile site anymore.

With an engaging garden for this small family, the idea of creating a naturist space and share it with the world has emerged ...